Auction Item: DoD Evasion Chart (Iraq, Iran)

On June 20, 2013 by Panther

We came across an interesting item recently that we’ve decided to put up for sale on eBay – A U.S. DoD Evasion Chart document #: EVC NI-38F – this Evasion Chart was printed in September 2002 and covers Iraq and Iran.

Evasion Chart EVC NI-38F

This dual-sided EVC measures 42″ x 58″ and is printed on DuPont Tyvek, making it virtually tear-proof as well as stain, water, and fire resistant. These EVC documents were designed to be folded up to fit in the pocket of a pilot’s flight suit for use in case of becoming downed in enemy territory. They not only provide a map of the designated area, but also include other emergency survival information including star charts, photos/descriptions of locally available, edible plants and more.

Other uses for EVC

Also in the margins is a list of Other Uses of this Map that include suggestions for protection from the elements, gathering water and “Plug a sucking chest wound.”

The history of the evasion goes back to charts printed on rayon during the 1940s, and to cloth “blood chits” printed in various languages that identified American airmen and offered rewards for safe passage during World War II and the Korean and Vietnam conflicts.

In 1990, the DoD started producing the EVC maps on Tyvek material and when Air Force Captain Scott O Grady was shot down over Bosnia during June 1995, one of the items he acknowledged assisted in his survival was the Evasion Chart he carried in his vest pocket. In addition to using the chart to pinpoint his exact location, he used this unique product in a seemingly unusual way, but in fact one way that it was designed for–as a protection against the elements.

Evasion Chart EVC NI-38F Back

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Evasion Chart EVC NI-38F Back

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This item is in great shape, and is a nice collectable item, suitable for a wall display.

The eBay auction for this item ends on June 20, 2013 at 09:33:23 PDT. (view auction listing)

42″ x 58″

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