New Product: Knottology Paracord Clasps

On December 7, 2012 by Panther

Here at CC Military Surplus, we have just received some new product that everyone doing paracord projects will want to check out, all metal clasps from Knottology. Aside from the standard 1/2″ clasp, anchor shackles and lobster claw clips, Knottology has their Expedition line of specialty buckles.


The Expedition line currently has four very unique clasps for those looking to make their survival bracelets or other paracord projects especially useful.

The Banshee: This clasp incorporates a 100 decibel emergency whistle, offering a high pitched sound with very little effort.

The Guardian: The guts of the paracord in your bracelet can be used as fishing line in a pinch, but how do you carry a fishing hook around your wrist? Well now you can with the Expedition Guardian. The Guardian incorporates a small storage compartment in the clasp where you can store a fishing hook and sinker. Or maybe carry some iodine tablets to purify drinking water? Use the Guardian clasp for pet collars and have a place to keep contact information should they become lost.

The Illuminator: Never be lost in the dark again. The illuminator sports a 15 lumen LED light in the clasp. Even if it’s just finding the keyhole on your front door in the dark of the night, this clasp is always at the ready to light your way.

The Navigator: This clasp incorporates a magnetic, button compass to help you get your bearings in the wild or in the city.

Knottology Expedition paracord clasps have an all metal construction and a 1/2 inch metal spring assisted side release clasp. These rugged clasps are perfect for all your “survival” paracord projects and will stand up to the most extreme circumstances. The Expedition series comes in Black, Gunmetal Grey and Silver finishes.

You can find these clasps, our 3/8″ plastic, curved clasps in a wide variety of colors and a wide assortment of paracord in all of our stores, including our online store.

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