Surplus Spotlight: 105mm Ammo Crate

On April 3, 2013 by CC Military

We just received a fresh supply of these surplus wooden ammo crates. These crates, made from rough-hewn pine boards were used to transport and store 105mm howitzer shells of various types.

105mm Howitzer Crate

These wooden crates have metal hinges and a hasp for keeping it closed along with sturdy rope handles on either end. It measures about 37″x”12″x8″ on the outside, 32″x10″x5.25″ on the inside. They’re all in really good condition with some blemishes from use and storage. All handles, hinges and closing hasps are in working condition.

105mm Ammo Crate

There is quite the history behind the use of these wooden crates, used to carry and store two, 105mm howitzer shells, with their use dating back to the early 1940’s. Throughout WWII, these boxes were opened on the end with the use of a wing nut on a tie bolt that ran the length of the box. Now they use a pair of hinges and closing hasp on the top.

These crates are stenciled with information about the ammo they contained, from the fuze and charge type to loading date and more. You can read more about the history of these ammo boxes in this article on US Army Models.

In addition to a fresh supply of these boxes, we also have more of our .50 caliber and 120mm ammo cans now in stock. you can purchase these in our retail locations or shop online.

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