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Military Zombie Hunt

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The virus has finally struck! The world as you know it is coming to an end. A military truck, you, and the other survivors might be the only hope for the future of the human race. Climb on and ready your weapon, the Fight for Survival Begins Soon.  Are you hero enough?


The Military Zombie Hunt isn't your traditional hayride. Unlike other zombie shooting experiences, our ride combines the power of a M35A2 military truck with the accuracy of a semi-automatic .50 caliber rapid fire paintball gun for maximum intensity. We welcome individuals and groups with as many as 8 per truck to fight their way to safety on Minnesota's most intense zombie hunt ride!

This Halloween season people from all over the Metro Area are having the chance to shoot paintballs at the Zombie actors and the Zombies can't shoot back!




NOTE: Participants are not at risk of being shot. Zombies do not fire back. Our guns are secured to the truck so no goggles or safety wear is needed. Children ages 8 and under are welcome to ride when accompanied by a paid adult. 

The Hunt Begins In October!

All dates will be posted on the Zombie hunt page Soon!

Time: 7pm-11pm

All visitors IN LINE by 11:00pm will be admitted.

Washington County Fair Grounds

3591 Stillwater Boulevard North

Stillwater, MN


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