Free Medical Manuals

The New Hampsire Tactical Emergency Medical Support (NH-TEMS) group has a resource site for New England's Tactical Medic & Navy Corpsmen that provides medical information for the medic and operator.

There's a lot of great information throughout the site for anyone looking for some reference material on handling various emergency medical situations - be it while hunting, camping, during some sort of natural disaster or other survival situation.

SOF Medical Manual

These resources are not going to take the place of actual training, but if you have some basic skills, you can likely pick up a trick or two from the resources available here. And if you're interested in some more intense information, one of the downloads worth checking out is the Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook. This PDF file is packed with over 700 pages of clinical processes, symptoms, organ systems, operational environments and more. It's just one of a number of manuals available to download from their website.

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