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ALTAI™ Boots

ALTAI™ Multi-Functional Boots set a new standard for rugged footwear. The multitude of applications these boots allow for has law enforcement, military, survival experts, industrial workers and avid runners raving over their durability, athletic fit, superior waterproof/breathability, traction and comfort—all while being surprisingly lightweight. These boots also include speed lacing for a quick and secure fit. ALTAI™ is your solution for a variety of circumstances; whether you are on duty, in combat, patrolling an area or just an outdoor enthusiast, you will benefit from choosing to wear these exceptional multi-functional boots.

Men’s Sizing Guide: Our sizing is generally a half-size smaller than the designated Men’s size. For example, a Men size 9 would order an 8.5
Women’s Sizing Guide:Our sizing is generally a 1.5 size smaller than the designated women’s size. For example, a Woman size 9.5 would order an 8